Sean O’Malley offers advice to Bo Nickal as he enters UFC



Sean O’Malley recently offered advice to Bo Nickal regarding the future of the young fighter’s career in the UFC.

The prestigious collegiate wrestler initially said he would retire if he was on the preliminary card. He later shared on Twitter that he would fight on the preliminary card, but only if the UFC puts together a card with ten fighters who represent a bigger draw.

I thought about it a lot… If the UFC puts out a card with 10 people who are all bigger than me, which is doable because there are a lot of bigger draws than me right now, I will fight on the preliminaries. It hurts me to say it but it would be the right thing. What do you think ?

Speaking on his podcast, The BrOMalley show, Sean O’Malley discussed Bo Nickal’s recent tweet. He urged the hyped prospect to trust the UFC as he has:

“He’s potentially a superstar. They’re going to build him. He’s fighting a guy that’s 13-8, 2-4 in the UFC, coming off a two-fight losing streak. He’s going to be built well. They’re going to put him there where he needs to be. The UFC is going to put you where you need to be. They did it with me. They obviously knew I was going to be a superstar and I am, look at me now.

O’Malley added:

“He’s got a lot of confidence, young man, I’d say just trust the run, trust the UFC, but that’s not even that bad of a statement. He probably won’t be fighting on a card. Shit. They’re gonna put it in a place where a lot of people are going to see it.”

Nickal’s comments were quite shocking, as he has yet to make his UFC debut. While his talent is legit, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him close out the preliminary card. It wouldn’t be the worst thing for Nickal, especially if the card isn’t stacked.

Watch Sean O’Malley’s full comments on Bo Nickal below (from 36:45):

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Sean O’Malley thinks a win at UFC 280 will put him on the path to becoming the next Conor McGregor

In a recent appearance on the DC and RC podcast, Sean O’Malley shared that he thinks the UFC is looking for its next superstar. He could also be the guy to fill the void left by Conor McGregor‘s inactivity. After saying he believed people wanted him to win, O’Malley said a win at UFC 280 could set him on that path:

“People want a superstar. There’s really no one in the UFC right now that’s that level Conor. I’m going out there and I’m beating Petr spectacularly, I’m climbing. I won’t be there yet and I know that, but I’m climbing to be that guy. I want to be that guy, I want to be the Conor.

O’Malley would add that he doesn’t want it to be competitive where his stardom is being debated. He would also share that he is motivated by being listed as the underdog at UFC 280.

Watch Sean O’Malley’s comments on being the next Conor McGregor below (from 32:57):

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