Should fighters be allowed to participate in grappling events?


FURY Pro Grappling grabbed the attention of MMA fans recently with a star lineup that has seen many UFC notables hit the mats for submission-only action.

While it’s far from uncommon for active fighters to dip their toes into grappling – whether for extra cash or to hone their skills – the FURY Pro Grappling 3 map had a bit more spice with it. the number of familiar names that competed.

Most of the time, the navigation went smoothly. There were action-packed matches, fun finishes, and an open forum for athletes to show off their personalities and individual sponsorships in a way that cannot be done under the UFC banner. The potential downside was clear, however, when in the main event Carla Esparza suffered a nasty cut around the eye that prematurely ended her fight with Danielle Kelly.

Esparza, of course, is expected to compete with Rose Namajunas for the UFC strawweight title in 2022. The cut is unlikely to jeopardize the title fight, but now Esparza faces additional scar tissue around her. eye that might come back to haunt her down the line.

So with all of that said, does it make sense for UFC fighters to venture into the world of grappling? It was a topic of debate on the last episode of “Spinning Back Clique” hosted by John Morgan and with panelists Nolan King, Brian Garcia and Mike Bohn.

Watch the video above to see the conversation, or watch the full episode below.

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