Slap Fighting Gets NSAC Approval Thanks To Dana White


Dana White is now in the slapping business with Power Slap League.

UFC President Dana White has decades of fight promotion experience. He has been at the helm of the UFC since the early 2000s and is responsible for making the promotion what it is today.

Since the inception of the UFC, mixed martial arts has grown exponentially and is now one of the most popular sports in the world. White has a lot to do with growing not just the UFC organization, but the sport itself. Now he is looking to transform another type of combat sport, slap fighting.

Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta created a new Slap fight league

Slapping might not seem like a sport to you, but it is. In recent years, slap fights have grown in popularity and competitions have sprung up in many places around the world. The concept is that two people slap each other with their open hands and see who can take a harder hit. Many times people will be slapped unconscious during these “fights”. Videos of these fights have gone viral on social media.

Now, White, alongside his former UFC partner Lorenzo Fertitta, has started a company called Power Slap Leauge and together has won Nevada State Athletic Commission approval.

This new league has been licensed to hold events in the state of Nevada, and White and the company plan to begin later this year. The plan is to hold events in the UFC APEX, where many UFC events have taken place since 2020. There are also plans to air the events before the end of the year by MMA Fighting, but no additional details are forthcoming. has been given so far.

Have you seen any slap fights and if so, what do you think?


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