SmartCage delivers on promises as PFL captures mainstream fanbase



  • SmartCage technology continues to give combat sports fans a different perspective in MMA matches
  • PFL’s combat innovation helped the company win a new demographic of fans
  • SmartCage technology allows fans to better understand battle results

After a successful 2021 season, which saw crowned champions and new stars born, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) is once again expanding its reach, this time with the help of its innovations.

Along with its rapid growth, the American Promotion of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) also prides itself on being the most innovative outfit in the sport.

Along with a roster of stars and a season-style tournament format, perhaps one of the main things that sets PFL apart is the league’s attention to innovation, and central to that is its proprietary SmartCage technology.

Launched during the league’s 2019 season, the SmartCage used biometric sensors to enable the league to measure and deliver real-time fighter performance data and analysis, also known as Cagenomics.

Simply put, it gave home fans access to stats and data while the fight was on.

Ahead of the start of the 2021 season, the league partnered with IBM technologies to improve the SmartCage, which allowed them to scour data points and uncover new insights for MMA fans.

This allowed PFL to partner with DraftKings and BetMGM, which opened up new opportunities and experiences for fans of the sport.

The partnerships have proven to be successful as they helped attract a new demographic of mainstream fans, contributing to what was a groundbreaking third season.

“Just as data has driven the explosive growth of digital advertising, data could unlock massive new revenue streams in sports and esports. From third-party betting and fantasy platforms like FanDuel and Draft Kings to first-party data like PFL’s “SmartCage” technology in MMA, the data could help fans gauge player performance as well as win. income from their fandom, increasing engagement and participation, ”wrote Jonathan Anastas of Rolling Stone.

With the steps PFL has taken to innovate the sport of MMA and the high profile product that the organization has managed to present, it is no surprise that the league continues to grow.

The SmartCage technology used by the PFL has given combat sports fans a different kind of demographics than the action in the cage. Photo: PFL photo


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