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Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is summarized by the equation “E=mc²”. Scott Daly isn’t a scientist, but the veteran Navy SEAL and master trainer places great importance on the “E+R=O” equation as a formula for achieving elite personal and organizational performance. .

The “E” in Daly’s equation represents life events, and the “R” is our response to them, which then leads to the “O”, which is the result of our responses to those events.

“I don’t control the events of life, but I do control how I choose to react,” Daly said. “And the quality of the results you get reflects the quality of your answers. If you want better things, don’t blame life events. Choose a better ‘R’.”

Daly offered his thoughts on what it takes to be an elite organization on the October episode of the 21st Century Business Forum.

The 21st Century Business Forum is a monthly webcast featuring key authors, entrepreneurs and leaders in business and sport. The show, hosted by Clay Young and sponsored by CHI St. Vincent, aims to inform and inspire Arkansas business leaders – executives, managers and entrepreneurs – with engaging interviews that provide practical advice for leading businesses. organizations and succeed.

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Daly, director of training for leadership training organization Focus3 in Columbus, Ohio, learned a little something about dealing with life’s events when he broke his neck in freestyle wrestling at the 15 years old.

“I had my own pity party for a while” as he lost hope of potential college wrestling scholarships, Daly said. But he found inspiration in the words of his mother, who told him, “There’s nothing you can’t do.

“It’s funny when that self-made thought permeates your life and you believe it,” said Daly, who argues that it’s how we react to setbacks and challenging situations that defines who we are.

“Did you step up or did you wither?” he said.

It is Daly’s belief that an organization’s performance “rises and falls on human behavior,” which makes coaching the most critical element in creating a winning culture.

“How I coach, develop and empower people” against the cultural plan the organization has developed and articulated determines whether it will be adopted, and it’s a process that needs to be ongoing, the coach said. leadership.

Daly said it’s alien to most leaders to coach behavior. But, he added, “If I consistently recognize (among my peers) the behavior I want to see, I will get there.”

On the other hand, Daly said, one of the biggest culture killers in an organization “is ‘BCD’ – blame, complain and defend.”

“We blame others for why we don’t succeed, constantly complain about our situation, and defend our personal behavior no matter what,” Daly said. All three are useless, he noted.

“What we found was that BCD never solved a problem, never achieved a goal, never improved a relationship,” Daly said. Therefore, leaders must be prepared to oppose their infiltration into their organizations.

“I tell leaders it’s your job to outlive the selfish, the cynics and the complacent,” Daly said.

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