Tai Tuivasa next fight, latest news after win over Derrick Lewis, Dana White comments


Mt Druitt heavyweight Tai Tuivasa could headline an Australian blockbuster by August, with UFC president Dana White confirming his interest in the fight company “traveling to new while having fun”.

While Israel Adesanya retained the middleweight title at UFC 271, it was 28-year-old Tuivasa who emerged as the biggest winner thanks to his stunning knockout of American cult favorite Derrick Lewis.

Along with his vicious elbow earning a $50,000 UFC bonus – which will come in handy as he flies to Cancun, Mexico this week – the fighter nicknamed ‘Bam Bam’ is also set to take his ranking up to #3

That, and potentially making headlines on home soil.

Already, senior UFC executives are in talks to offer a Pay-Per-View Down Under in the second half of this year, August being mentioned.

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Tai Tuivasa celebrates after winning his UFC 271 heavyweight bout against Derrick Lewis. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

New Zealand superstar Adesanya has also spoken of wanting to make headlines in Australia sometime in 2022, while revealing after his win over Robert Whittaker that he wants to be back in the cage by June.

Adesanya and Tuivasa would be an outstanding Australian double act, especially as the western Sydney street fighter has now beaten the No. 3 contender in the division.

Asked about getting his business back on the road as the ongoing Covid pandemic subsided, White said: ‘I told you guys it would be Texas, Las Vegas, Florida for a while, and I was right.

“But it looks like things are easing up.

“So if that happens, we’ll start traveling and having fun again.”

Tai Tuivasa became the biggest winner at UFC 271 after his win over Derrick Lewis. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: AFP

Elsewhere, White also suggested that Tuivasa now deserved to be “top three, top five” and described his vicious elbow knockout of Lewis as “awesome”.

The UFC boss also downed beer behind the scenes of a “Shoeyvasa” – the new plastic skolling device that, created by Tuivasa and shaped like a shoe, allows punters a Shoey experience without ruining their shots. of foot

So how did it go?

“He did well,” Tuivasa revealed later.

“He swallowed it all”

As for who the UFC’s newest heavyweight contender would like to fight next – Ciryl Gane, Stipe Moicic, maybe even champ Francis Ngannou?

“Brah, I don’t even know who’s in the top five,” he chuckled.

“I don’t watch the fights.

“I heard there was the Stipes and Ciryl Ganes and all that up there.

“But it’s my job.

“I get up, I prepare with my team and we continue.”

Tai Tuivasa could be headlining an Australian blockbuster by August. Photo: Getty ImagesSource: AFP

Despite his devastating finish, Tuivasa also showed incredible courage and a bit of a chin when he was taken down by Lewis in the first round and held against the cage.

While the Aussie was finally able to find his feet, it wasn’t until he took several heavy headbutts from this man with the most knockouts of any UFC heavyweight.

“But I wasn’t really hurt,” Tuivasa said.

“I was just, if I stay here I’m going to end up falling asleep. So I needed to move.

“That was pretty much it.

“He hit me several times and I thought ‘f***, I have to move’.

“But while I was hit, I didn’t feel that I was in danger.

“I just thought, move or you’ll be in danger. So I was fine.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a Western Sydney banger – and we get along with anyone.”

Hunt also paid tribute to his great mate, longtime training partner and mentor Mark Hunt.

“People ask me ‘how did Derrick hit?'” he said.

“I was Mark’s punching bag for a long time. I think he trained me pretty well.

“I love my uso Mark.”

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