‘Talking bullshit about my family’ – When Colby Covington took offense at UFC opponent’s Trash Talk



Trash-talk has become an important part of modern fighting. The more a fighter can hype the fight, the better it is for business. One of many men who immediately comes to mind is Colby Covington. Covington is known for his ability to talk trash. However, a recent clip has emerged in which Covington shares opinions that may be contradictory to who he is today.


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In a 2016 interview, Covington said, “It was a good feeling because the guy was talking a lot of bullshit before the fight…talking bullshit about my family, so I proved the point, and it’s always fun to prove a point.


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When asked how he blocked his opponent’s trash talk, Covington replied, “Some people try to do this to sell fights. They think more people will tune in i.e. more viewers that’s what we want but you know I’m respectful I always keep it classy unless the guy goes too far and makes fun of my family… I don’t weigh in there.


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These statements from Covington seem very contradictory lately. Covington has become one of the biggest talkers in the sport. Although there is an important reason behind this approach by Covington.

Why did Colby Covington turn heel?

Prior to his fight against Demian Maia, Colby Covington seemed like one of the most respectful fighters on the UFC roster. Although after his win over Maia, Covington upped the ante and made derogatory statements about the Brazilian people.


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Since then, Covington has earned a reputation for chatter. Before fighting Maia, Covington was Told by his manager at the time, Dan Lambert, that whether he won or not, he was going to be cut by the UFC. Lambert also told Covington that if he wanted to stay, something had to change.

What followed was something many did not expect. Covington, since that fight, has made a name for himself in the promotion. Once on the verge of being kicked out of the company, Covington won the interim UFC welterweight championship.

Whether or not you like Covington’s style, one thing that can’t be denied is that Covington talks and walks. As he entertains his fans through his conversations, Covington has also set up many memorable fights. Fans of ‘The Chaos’ will be looking to see him back in action soon.


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