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Women’s freestyle wrestling kicked off Monday at the World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, with the 55 and 62 kg. Although it’s early, these two weights set the first for the tag team title. Check out a breakdown of the team’s current score below.

live now · September 10-18, 8:30 UTC

2022 Senior World Championships

Japan takes the lead, the United States in 2nd place

With only two shot puts in the semis, Japan was perfect that day and placed Mayu Shidochi-Mukaida (55kg) and Nonoka Ozaki (62kg) in the final. USA trails 10 points after Kayla Miracle reached the final and Jacarra Winchester reached the semis but lost to Shidochi-Mukaida. Canada, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan also scored points on the first day of the women’s tournament. Check out the teams’ full scores below.

Square Country Points
1 Japan 40
2 United States 30
3 Canada 20
4 Ukraine 20
5 Kyrgyzstan ten

The team race will heat up on Tuesday when the 50, 53, 65 and 76 kg take to the mat for the first time in Belgrade. The preliminary rounds of these matches until the quarters will take place from 4:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Then the 55kg and 62kg will face off in their medal rounds on Tuesday at noon. Be sure to check this article daily as we update all the important details about the team race.

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