The 2019 debate between Leon Edwards and Darren Till revisited


In 2019, Darren Till hit the heights of success and was set to headline UFC London with a fight against Jorge Masvidal. The co-main event of the night was fellow Englishman Leon Edwards against Gunnar Nelson, a fight which “Rocky” won. Despite being on a six-fight winning streak, Edwards, who was originally supposed to fight Till, was replaced by Masvidal.

At the pre-fight press conference, things got a bit heated between the two England fighters when Edwards was asked if he was disappointed that his name had been changed to ‘Gamebred’. In response, the Birmingham native said:

“It wasn’t the fucking main event to do, him and Jorge, it was me against him [Till], who is the best welterweight in the UK? That’s what should have happened, not Jorge.

“The Gorilla” replied:

“Look, I just know one thing, I’m going to put a hole in your face.”

This started a widespread debate between Scouser and the Birminghamian over who was the best British welterweight. Where Till questioned Edwards’ win over Donald Cerrone by calling Cerrone a “failed cowboy”, “Rocky” told Till he boxed like an amateur.

This was interrupted by Jorge Masvidal, who started asking if anyone had the wifi password. Today, however, Leon Edwards is king of welterweight and ‘The Gorrila’ is looking to make a comeback.

Check out the 2019 debate below:

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Chael Sonnen praises Jorge Masvidal for lining up perfectly to fight Leon Edwards

Jorge Masvidal has received praise from former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, for skillfully placing himself in the eyes of new welterweight champion Leon Edwards. Ever since “Gamebred” and “Rocky” got into a backstage altercation in 2019, their rivalry hasn’t seen its way into the octagon.

On an episode of Beyond the fight“The American Gangster” explained how he thinks the Miami native managed to associate his name with “Rocky” saying:

“Jorge Masvidal knew he wasn’t going to get back in there with Kamaru Usman. He was fully aware and Jorge Masvidal knows he owes Leon a fight. So Jorge, to get in front of this thing, on outside luck that Leon would win, began to position himself and become attached to Leon.

Watch the latest episode of Beyond The Fight below:

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Sonnen was referring to the 37-year-old street veteran’s tweets, which were clearly aimed at getting the attention of Leon Edwards. Even before their altercation, ‘Rocky’ had expressed interest in fighting ‘Gambebred’ and may decide to settle the score.

I remember a time when England had a champion who wanted a certain fight and he told the ufc what he wanted and made it happen. Beginners won’t know what I’m talking about but real ones do.

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