The Felice Brothers bring a story-rich backdrop to the XPNFest Marina Stage


The Felice brothers have been WXPN artists to watch since September 2008, and they made their return to Wiggins Park on Saturday afternoon with a set of Americana roots, building heavily on their excellent 2021 record. Dreams to dust.

Much to the delight of the packed Marina Stage, the Felice Brothers opened the set with XPN favorite “Jazz On The Autobahn,” a ballad of mutually assured self-destruction that had more than a few fans singing verbatim. The Felice Brothers are part of a long line of folk-rock storytellers, weaving threads through clever bits of lyricism. For real, these guys really find a way to put romance value into a single song. Some of my personal favorite lines include, “I mix more drugs than mixed martial arts fans live in basements,” “Blow Him Apart”…or “Valium,” the hilarious, depressing line, “My happiness is touch-and-go, kind of like this motel’s HBO. It all made the moment they were forced to drop a song because they forgot their own lyrics totally understandable, charming even.

Hailing from upstate New York, there’s more than a little Big Pink in their sonic palette; rough, homespun and equal parts heart and ironic smile. Although they strayed a bit from traditional Americana, even incorporating an accordion to create an almost klezmer-adjacent effect, especially on 2016’s “Aerosol Ball.” life in the dark. All of this made their performance an ideal late afternoon treat on day two of the XPoNential Music Festival.

Felice Brothers – XPoNential Music Festival 2022


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