The Japanese take a slight lead over the USA in the team race


The women’s freestyle at the 2021 World Championships in Oslo, Norway is underway and the team race between Japan and the United States is starting to take shape. See the team standings and the circumstances of the team race below.

Japan leads, US follows closely

Less than halfway through the tournament, Japan amassed a 15-point lead over the United States in the women’s team race. They reached the top of the standings by winning a gold and a bronze in the top 2 weights and having three other women waiting to fight in the final tomorrow (Wednesday 6th October). The USA team tied their medal count with silver from Kayla Miracle (62 kg) and bronze from Jenna Burkert (55 kg) but only have two finalists tomorrow – Sarah Hildebrandt and Adeline Gray. Forrest Molinari will also fight for a bronze medal at 65kg after losing to Miwa Morikawa (JPN) in the semifinals. Check out the current top 10 below:

Country Points
Japan 100
United States 85
Moldova 40
Kyrgyzstan 35
Ukraine 35
Russia 28
Germany 20
Estonia 20
Romania 18
Mongolia 15

The United States can catch up

With four matchweights to go for medals and four weights starting again tomorrow, the team race is far from over. In fact, 2 of America’s most experienced wrestlers will take to the mat tomorrow and are the big favorites to win gold – Helen Maroulis (57kg) and Tamyra Mensah-Stock (68kg). Additionally, two of America’s best young stars will make their senior world championship debuts – Maya Nelson (59kg) and Kylie Welker (72kg).

Along with this talent, 3 of the 4 wrestlers of tomorrow are on the same side of the range as a Japanese wrestler (only Kyle Welker is not). On top of that, Sarah Hildebrant faces Japan’s Remina Yoshimoto for gold. There are up to 4 potential head-to-head matches between Japan and USA tomorrow and the outcome of those matches will play a huge role in the winner of the team race in Oslo.

There is still a lot of fights to be done to determine the team’s champion, but we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. For full match results and updated brackets, check out FloArena here.

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