“The real recognizes the real” – Fan thanks generous Jorge Masvidal


Jorge Masvidal is one of the biggest names in MMA right now and although he’s a huge name it looks like he’s staying close to the ground. Masvidal is an MMA veteran. He started his professional MMA career in 2003 and signed with the UFC in 2013.


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“Gamebred” has always been one of the toughest fighters in the world, but his popularity soared in 2019. Masvidal faced Ben Askren in a grudge match at UFC 239 and clinched the victory in spectacular fashion . He landed a flying knee that knocked out Askren in just 5 seconds, which is the Fastest knockout in UFC history.

However, it seems that despite being a big star, he is still very generous. A fan recently thanked Masvidal for his generosity by texting him directly.


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He said, “Yo Jorge, it’s me Angel, your Bachour server today. Hey man I saw the tip you left me and I have to say thank you for the love and generosity my friend. There is an old saying, and it is “Real Recognize Real.” Every time you sign up for the fight, you represent us and you represent us very well. My brother feel free to ask me every time you come to ask Angel dale bro.


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in about 4 hours

After reading this, it looks like Masvidal is someone who enjoys helping people and just giving back.

Jorge Masvidal is looking for a fight

“Gamebred” was recently removed from the injured list. Jorge Masvidal has been booked to face Leon Edwards UFC 269 but has withdrawn from the fight citing injury. However, in a recent video posted to his YouTube channel, Masvidal said he was not on the injured list but no one wanted to sign a contract.

He named a lot of fighters, but some of them reacted quickly. His former opponent applauded and said: “This mo *** rfucker is cheated on.”


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The most recent entry into the welterweight division’s top 5, Belal Muhammad, also didn’t lag behind and said: “Send location.”


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What do you think of Masvidal’s gesture? Who do you think he should fight next? Let us know in the comments!

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