The WWE star, who once served in the US military, once explained the significance of Veterans Day: “My uncle passed away..”


WWE has a healthy relationship with the United States military. The company has always supported the United States military and has developed a great relationship with it. Each year, WWE also hosts its annual “Tribute to the Troops” special event to entertain and show appreciation to those who serve the country. In fact, many WWE Superstars served in the United States military before making a name for themselves around the world with the Stamford-based promotion.


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Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is also a superstar who served in the United States military. Lashley gave three years of service in the military before launching his professional wrestling career. A few years ago, the Dominator talked about his time in the armed forces and explained the importance of Veterans Day.


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Bobby Lashley explained why Veterans Day is important

Over the years, WWE has forged a great connection with the United States military. In addition to its annual Tribute to the Troops show, the company also has a long-standing commitment to the military in America and abroad. They have partnered with Hire Heroes USA to create employment opportunities for military veterans through various programs.

Many WWE Superstars like Sgt. Slaughter, Kevin Nash, Lacey Evans and Bobby Lashley also served in the United States Army. Indeed, Lashley came from a family with a military background. Her father was in the military for 24 years and her uncle fought in the Vietnam War. Lashley himself enlisted in the army and served for three years.

In an interview with a few years ago, WWE star Bobby Lashley talked about the lessons he learned during his time in the military and explained the importance of Veterans Day. .


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He said his father taught him a lot from his time in the military. ‘The All Mighty’ also said discipline was the biggest lesson he had learned in his three years in the forces. Lashley also said the structure and “tightness” of the armed forces was important in shaping a better way of life.

Additionally, he explained the importance of Veterans Day. He said, “It’s very important. I mean Veterans Day is very important to me. My uncle passed away. He served in the Vietnam War, and it’s just a bit of a time when we reflect on everything. what the army gave us.


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Veterans Day is an auspicious occasion for the United States military forces and a day to remember their efforts and sacrifices for their nation. For someone who grew up in a military background, Veterans Day holds extra significance for Bobby Lashley.


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While in the Army, Lashley pursued his passion for wrestling and competed in the Army’s World Class Athlete Program. He also won a gold medal in amateur freestyle wrestling at an event organized by the International Military Sports Council.

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