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UFC fighters feature big personalities. They can be arrogant, flashy, and express themselves in multiple ways, whether inside the octagon with their martial skills or outside the cage with vulgar talk. Interestingly, another way UFC fighters express themselves is through fashion.

The charm of their physical appearance is part of the appeal of some fighters. Their respective fans can’t wait to replicate their favorite UFC fighters by styling themselves after them, whether that’s getting tattoos, hairstyles, or even dressing outright like them.

Conor McGregor remains the UFC’s most well-known style icon, his longstanding commitment to wearing stylish suits has earned him admiration in the fashion world. However, “The Notorious” isn’t the only fighter known for his dress sense. This list ranks the 5 style icons in the UFC today. Let’s start:

#5. Kamaru Usman

The reigning UFC welterweight champion is one of the most dominant fighters the sport of mixed martial arts has ever seen. In fact, Kamaru Usman is widely regarded as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, with only Alexander Volkanovski challenging his status as the sport’s current top fighter.

Inside the octagon, “The Nigerian Nightmare” is a force of nature who nearly wiped out the entire welterweight division. The real challengers to his throne are few and far between. Outside of the cage, however, Usman has become famous for his unique fashion sense.

The pound-for-pound king usually wears a mix of Western clothing patterned with African prints. Although he sometimes wears traditional African clothing embellished with sunglasses, watches, etc., in a captivating enough way that Ariel Helwani once announced the reigning welterweight kingpin as the best fighter dressed in the UFC.

#4. Max Holloway

Former featherweight champion Max Holloway is as inimitable inside and outside the octagon. The future UFC Hall of Famer is the pride of Hawaii, having successfully defended the featherweight title three times before finally losing to current champ Alexander Volkanovski.

Outside of the cage, “Blessed” is known for his street aura. Whether it’s a white jacket draped over a leopard polka dot OVO hoodie or a multicolored puffer jacket showcasing an eclectic mix of Hawaiian imagery and surreal artwork, Max Holloway has a style that is entirely and uniquely to him.

At press conferences, no fighter dresses like him, just like in the cage, no one gets him wrong in both style and greatness.

#3. Sean O’Malley

The only fighter on the roster yet to strike championship gold, Sean O’Malley is a rising bantamweight contender currently committed to a UFC 280 matchup with former bantamweight champion Petr Yan in which is arguably the biggest challenge of O’Malley’s MMA career so far.

Sean O'Malley at the UFC 269 pre-fight press conference
Sean O’Malley at the UFC 269 pre-fight press conference

Known for his flashy and offbeat shenanigans, ‘Sugar’ takes his overall style a step beyond what most fighters do. Most fighters in the promotion style their hair or clothes. O’Malley focused his attention on the two. His multicolored rainbow hair, which he even used to taunt his enemies [dyeing it the color of the Ecuadorian flag when scheduled to face Marlon Vera]stand out even on a stage full of big names.

Whether O’Malley wears a Michael Jackson-inspired jacket or an unbuttoned alabaster suit with no shirt underneath to accentuate his chest tattoos, “Sugar” is truly the founder of his own style.

#2. Israel Adesanya

“The Last Stylebender” is more than just an anime-inspired nickname describing Adesanya’s style of cage fighting. While the reigning middleweight champion has taken a more defensively responsible and conservative striking approach since winning the championship, his style outside the cage remains more flamboyant than ever.

Adesanya often combines her love of anime with unabashed femininity in one of the most recognizable fashion mixes in the entire promotion. The New Zealander subverts expectations, painting his nails while simultaneously expressing his inherent masculinity through brash confidence. All the while, her love for anime is continuously expressed through her clothes.

Sometimes it’s streetwear and other times it’s a black button-up shirt with a red cloud print designed after the Akatsuki, a fictional organization from one of Adesanya’s favorite anime series, Naruto. With his polished watch and sparkling earrings, the current middleweight champion is a man unrivaled when it comes to fashion or sheer striking in the UFC.

#1. Conor McGregor is the most stylish fighter in the UFC

Before the rise of Conor McGregor, very few MMA fighters cared about how they looked. However, during his legendary rise through the featherweight division, “The Notorious” made it his business to distinguish himself from his competition. He did it not just with his trashy talk and knockouts, but also with his fashion sense.

The Irishman’s style is varied, including but not limited to tight polo shirts, printed trousers and three-piece suits. During the build-up to his historic clash with Floyd Mayweather Jr., McGregor made headlines for wearing an all-white Gucci mink fur coat, praising its rarity as Gucci stopped using real fur animal for his clothes.

Not only is the Irishman the most dressed in the UFC today, but he also sports his own clothing line called “August McGregor”. Whether it’s his own brand or brands like Gucci and Tom Ford, McGregor always makes a concerted effort to dress to impress.

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