Trump spoke as Holyfield got pummeled. Just another day in the absurd summer of boxing.


Boxing is no stranger to pranks, fights that should never have been approved, or events built much more around the absurdity and allure of a car crash than actual fights. The entry of Triller and the YouTube stars into boxing over the past year, and how they have at times garnered a lot more attention than the biggest and best fights – as in posts like this – could have been the occasion to tear clothes and teeth. squeaking, lest that’s just what boxing is now.

But in conversations over the past few months, key people around the sport have mostly focused on the positives. One promoter has said he wants his fighters to be able to promote themselves, even partially, as well as Jake Paul and Logan Paul do.

In the grand scheme of things, boxing is just content that can be watched online – literally anything, now, can be snapped up for content to watch online – and viewers are viewers and customers are customers. . It’s also hard to get mad at the carnival coming to town after López’s fight was moved, a Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder fight was moved, and Errol Spence Jr. pulled out of his fight against Manny Pacquiao from a torn retina.

The confusing alphabet soup of sanctioning organizations and the way the sport gets attention is a frequent topic of conversation around boxing. What is less talked about is the fragmentation of where the sport can be seen, especially after HBO has completely pulled out of it.

In 2021, everyone needs content, and live events – especially live sports – are the most valuable. But the rights to show most sports are blocked for years, and even if they weren’t, they are prohibitive. Want to show NFL games to attract subscribers to your product? You can’t even go for less than $ 10 billion.

Boxing, however, is free to play for everyone, and by comparison, $ 6 million for a title fight – or whatever Holyfield and Trump get paid for Saturday night’s event – is a steal. But as many promoters and broadcasters have discovered, boxing’s low barrier to entry and its utterly chaotic nature is why it’s impossible to fully understand and control.

Triller seems to believe he can move forward with a big expense. After Belfort’s victory, Kavanaugh entered the ring to offer $ 30 million for a Thanksgiving fight between Belfort and Jake Paul, which is surely a prelude to two months of posturing, screaming and viral videos.

Kavanaugh made no mention of López’s title fight Triller is scheduled to host in three weeks.

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