Tyron Woodley says he was ‘threatened’ by the UFC throughout his welterweight title reign


Tyron Woodley has made more money in his two fights against Jake Paul than in his entire reign as UFC welterweight champion. That doesn’t mean he’s giving Jake Paul any credit in Paul’s quest to improve fighter pay.

In a new episode of The residency podcast, Woodley once again criticized Paul for positioning himself at the forefront of the UFC salary conversation. He said:

“If you’ve never been underpaid, you should never be the spokesperson for underpaid athletes. If you’ve never had adversity, if you’ve never been signed to a promoter who controls your fights, and when you fought and how often you fought, and I’ve been threatened if you don’t fight – I’ve been threatened all my last title fights, “If you don’t fight, we take your belt off. If you don’t fight, we kick you,” every time, the Darren Till fight, the Usman fight, the ‘Wonderboy’ fight. But that’s the business.”

“He’s not the ambassador for fighters’ pay, I should be the fucking ambassador for fighters’ pay… What he’s doing is trying to be a hero.”

Watch Tyron Woodley discuss fighter pay below:

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This is a rather unusual argument considering the attention Paul has brought to the subject of fighter compensation. Tyron Woodley’s bank account is much bigger because Paul insisted on making sure everyone on his card made the most money in their career.

As Woodley himself admitted, the UFC treated him poorly throughout his reign and generated very little negative press in the process. With Paul magnifying the issue to his millions of followers outside of the combat sports ecosystem, there’s a much better chance the pressure could generate change.

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel defended UFC fighter pay when asked about continued criticism from the likes of Jake Paul during an earnings call with investors on Wednesday. https://t.co/wivTu0jXHC

Tyron Woodley earned over $5 million from his two fights against Jake Paul

While Tyron Woodley in 2021 saw him go 0-3 in combat sports, it was a financially lucrative year for ‘The Chosen One’. Woodley reportedly earned $2 million plus a percentage of pay-per-view sales to fight Jake Paul in August. A second fight in December involved similar numbers, meaning Woodley walked away with over $5 million in earnings.

That’s far more than Woodley has done in his eight years with the UFC, three of which he spent as a welterweight champion. Woodley has defended UFC pay in the past, telling Showtime:

“At the end of the day, Dana White and I, you know, we made millions of dollars together, don’t get me wrong. Don’t think I didn’t make a fortune in the UFC. But at the end of the day , God willing, this is when I’m going to get paid where I feel, like at this point in my life, that I deserve to be paid.”

Tyron Woodley has said he plans to continue fighting, but no future fights have been announced since his December 2021 knockout loss to Jake Paul.

Another angle on that wild Jake Paul KO of Tyron Woodley. Paul knocks every drop of sweat off the fucking Woodley’s head #PaulWoodley2 https://t.co/V59kxV1Ei5

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