Tyson Fury has MMA options as he ponders next move


While world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury may have officially announced his retirement from boxing, there are few fight fans who genuinely believe his days in combat sports are over.

Some fights may entice the Gypsy King back into the ring while Fury has plenty of options in other disciplines. He has already entered the world of WWE and his personality is considered to be perfectly suited for the showbiz arena of professional wrestling.

But what about MMA? Fury has been teasing a move into mixed martial arts for a few years now and his current hiatus has seen those rumors resurface. Some think the UFC is hovering, but what opponents could the British boxer expect?

Ngannou lays down the glove

If Tyson Fury moves to the Octagon, the man most likely to be seated in the opposite corner is Francis Ngannou. The two have enjoyed a few verbal fights on social media and both seem eager to face each other in a match-up situation.

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The problem for MMA fans is the format of any future fights. Ngannou enjoyed a long career in mixed martial arts in various organizations while Fury appeared almost exclusively in the boxing ring.

This could all lead to a rather odd hybrid fight that combines the two sports. Reports suggest the contest could involve boxing rules but with MMA gloves and with both men competing barefoot.

It’s not an ideal scenario for true Fury fans, but it fits his suggestion to only get involved in exhibition fights. Perhaps this could be an entry point for a career in MMA further down the line and there would be no shortage of willing opponents beyond Francis Ngannou.

The independent point of view

Sports pundits believe Tyson Fury will make a comeback, but many are eyeing future boxing contests. In fact, it’s even possible to access the markets for a potential contest between Fury and Anthony Joshua.

The two men have been keen to meet in the past, but the schedule prevented them from stepping into the ring together. For the record, Fury is the favorite to win this hypothetical match up.

The odds in question are provided by SBO.net and this is the place to be for any future MMA contests involving the Gypsy King. Betting sites in the Netherlands, where mixed martial arts is hugely popular, cover the sport extensively, but there are listed operators all over the world.

As any fights involving Tyson Fury are confirmed, markets will fill and there will be plenty of options to consider. News and opinion pieces are published and it is also possible to place a bet for those who wish.

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It’s a logical site to follow for all upcoming MMA fights, but will the schedule include Tyson Fury in the near future?

What future for Tyson Fury?

The truth is, Tyson Fury has earned the right to do whatever he wants. He is multiple world champion in the field of heavyweight boxing and really has nothing more to prove.

Fury is only 33, however, and not quite into veteran status yet. Potential MMA opponent Francis Ngannou is 39 years old and many of his contemporaries continue to fight into their early 40s.

It could all depend on who calls Fury in the coming months. Recent reports show Game of Thrones star Thor Bjornsson could be an unlikely boxing opponent after the pair waged a war of words.

Exhibition fights are waiting to happen, but the most credible option for Tyson Fury would involve a move into MMA.

(Photo credit: “Boxing: weigh-in” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by paul62_2017)


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