UFC fans go after Israel Adesanya for ‘snoozefest’ win as Kiwi champ calls them ‘drunk’


UFC fans lash out at Israel Adesanya over ‘snoozefest’ win over Jared Cannonier that was so boring they lined up to leave before final round – but Kiwi star angers them qualifies as “drunk”

  • Video footage shows fans heading for the exits during the main event of UFC 276
  • Those who remained launched a barrage of boos at the lack of action in the game
  • Both fighters adopted an evasive strategy and there were few highlights
  • Adesanya applauded his detractors, calling them drunk after the fight

When Israel Adesanya stepped out in the octagon at UFC 276 dressed as WWE’s The Undertaker, it was as dramatic as his main event fight against Jared Cannonier took place in a snoozefest that had bettors running for the gates .

Don’t get me wrong, the fight was a walk in the park. Adesanya just needed to use his elegant moves to evade and land enough punches to secure victory against an opponent who was just trying to survive.

Adesanya tried to put some excitement into the fight after the event, saying his opponent made life difficult.

“They had a great game plan,” he said.

Dodge, dodge, dive, dive and snort. Both fighters’ evasive strategies had the crowds booing and heading for the exits of the T-Mobile Arena

“It was really difficult to get my follow-ups, my second phases, because they had a good game plan.”

The crowd never bought it, however, with footage showing a long line of people heading for the exit while those left behind booed the “mundane” action.

This could prove problematic for the UFC, with fans at home also shutting down and vowing never to buy another card with Adesanya as the main attraction.

“The UFC could be starting to have a problem on its hands. One of the best fighters in the ENTIRE world somehow continues to put in disappointing performances,’ tweeted American sportswriter Rory Robinson.

A rare highlight of a boring match between two opponents not really interested in throwing too many punches in their UFC match

A rare highlight of a boring match between two opponents not really interested in throwing too many punches in their UFC match

“At first it was just for the casual fans, but even the hardcores are starting to yawn at Adesanya.

“I don’t have a problem with Adesanya’s performance, but I certainly don’t represent the majority.

‘The majority is Tired brother. THEY ARE TIRED and STRONG about it. I read it everywhere, we can no longer deny it.

Adesanya had little sympathy for his detractors, however.

“F*** them,” he said.

“They’ve been here for 3 p.m., they’re all drunk, they don’t know what a real fight is. I said it, the big guys, they all get to this point.


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