UFC fighter shares throwback video of his attempt to stop Kamaru Usman and Ali Abdelaziz from ‘murdering’ hecklers at PFL event


UFC lightweight Matt Frevola recently shared throwback video of Kamaru Usman and Ali Abdelaziz having a backstage altercation with fans. ‘The Streamrolla’ can also be seen trying to take a guy out of Usman as the future UFC champion and his manager get caught up in a fight with a group of fans. Posting a video of the incident, Frevola wrote on Twitter:

“Damn we hit 2k. Here’s a video from the vault of me trying to stop the champ and Ali from murdering hecklers at a UFC event back in the day”

Check out the tweet below:

Damn, we hit 2k. Here’s a video from the vault of me trying to stop the champ and Ali from murdering hecklers at a UFC event back then 👀 😂 https://t.co/L3uB4Afenj

The incident took place in 2018 when Kamaru Usman and Ali Abdelaziz were in attendance for a PFL event at Madison Square Garden in New York. Other clips of the incident show “The Nigerian Nightmare” shoving a fan who pushed him away in response. The situation then escalated when other members of the group grabbed Abdelaziz as he tried to reach Usman.

However, the chaos was quickly defused thanks to what appeared to be an intervention by the authorities. The reason for the altercation remains unclear in the video.

Watch the full video below:

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Kamaru Usman details his PFL brawl with fans

In the aftermath of his PFL brawl in 2018, Kamaru Usman shared his side of things during a subsequent appearance on MMA hour. According to Usman, he and Ali Abdelaziz left the auditorium to fetch water when the national anthem started playing.

Usman and Abdelaziz waited for the anthem to end before entering again when someone who appeared to be kneeling started yelling at them. According to ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’, his repeated attempts to diffuse the situation were met with vulgar responses. Usman told Ariel Helwani:

“At this point I’m like, okay, this guy is clearly drunk and he’s serious and he’s right in front of me, so I’m like, ‘Stand back, you’re in my space,'” Usman said. “And the guy says, ‘You’re not going to do anything, what do you think? Are you a badass?’ I think he’s going to swing at me because he’s getting more and more aggressive, so I push him away and I’m like, ‘Bro, back off.'”

Things escalated quickly as Usman and Abdelaziz got blasted and the future UFC champion couldn’t believe the absolute bizarreness of the situation. Usman added:

“I turn around so we’re leaving and all of a sudden as my back is turned I get kicked in the back. Boom. Then it’s like three of them are jumping on Ali and then three of them were jumping on me and now it’s like I have to defend myself I’m in self defense mode and I’m trying to lure a guy onto me and it’s just crazy commotion, guys try to jump on it – and the whole time I couldn’t believe the situation was happening.”

Check out Usman’s version of the incident below:

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