UFC hater linked to Conor McGregor fight may know truth behind steroid claims



Conor McGregor awaits the start of his welterweight rematch against Nate Diaz.

UFC star Justin Gaethje may have more information on Conor McGregor’s lack of drug testing, Daniel Cormier says.

Former two-division champion McGregor has been recovering since undergoing surgery for a horrific leg injury he suffered in his last outing against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July 2021. He appears to be on the verge of a full recovery and is reportedly back to training in all facets of mixed martial arts, according to his head trainer John Kavanagh. He is keeping his fans updated on his rehabilitation progress but has yet to give a concrete timeline for his comeback.

TSN Sports’ Aaron Bronsteter reported that McGregor was the only athlete on the list not to have been tested by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) so far this year.

Gaethje recently opened up about a potential match with ‘Notorious’. He alleged that McGregor was using material.

“If everyone remembered correctly, I fought Cowboy, I beat him and then he fought Cowboy right after that [at UFC 246 in January 2020]“, Gaethje told MMA Fighting. “I was ready and ready to go. Looks like he’s on steroids right now. He has not been tested for doping by USADA for some time. I seek fair competition.

Cormier believes Gaethje probed McGregor

The former two-division champion has given his take on the “Highlight” human reel’s serious claims about McGregor’s use of steroids.

“Justin went so far as to imply that Conor McGregor or honestly said that Conor McGregor is on steroids. That’s a pretty bold statement,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. “My question is, how does Gaethje know? Does Gaethje check the USADA website to find out and say it with such confidence? Or is it based on Conor McGregor‘s appearance? But the reality is this; you do not know.

“Because Conor McGregor is not a tall guy, so if he starts putting on weight, he’s going to look a little bigger, he’s going to look a little fuller and he’s got l look a little more puffy.”

Cormier learned from Gaethje’s trust that he may have investigated McGregor’s drug-testing history.

“But for Gaethje to say that with such confidence tells me that he or his team are looking into it,” Cormier said. “I’m pretty sure Gaethje has an idea of ​​when McGregor was last tested.”

Cormier doesn’t think Gaethje is the right match for McGregor but wants to see the fight

Given that McGregor will return with a broken leg, ‘DC’ suggested that Gaethje, known for his vicious use of leg kicks, may not be the right stylistic match for his comeback.

“Now here’s the thing. Conor McGregor is coming off what has been one of the worst leg injuries in the UFC,” added Cormier. “But then I ask myself this question here, Justin Gaethje is crazy about throwing leg kicks. Is it the fight for Conor McGregor right away, given that Justin is going to be kicking his butt, especially knowing that Conor is a southpaw and Justin is a conventional fighter?

“Justin can throw those kicks both ways, and he can really beat that injured leg. So is this the fight? I know personally as a fan of the fighting game this is the one I would love to see but is this the fight for McGregor being that McGregor just suffered such a massive injury. The world would like that, but these accusations are very serious. So for Justin Gaethje to say them, there has to be background information on it.

Cormier is convinced that a matchup between McGregor and Gaethje would make for a hit card and left the room open for an error in his analysis.

“But maybe Justin Gaethje is just a lot smarter than us because the reality is, replies Conor McGregor. So when you say something negative about him, whether you’re Henry Cejudo, Nate Diaz, Michael Bisping, and now Justin Gaethje, he’ll answer. Ultimately, you’re on the radar when it comes to the money fight. It’s a fight that will blow the roof off any building in which it takes place.


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