UFC legend, infamous as Dana White’s nemesis, will fight another UFC icon with 92-year-old combined tears



Being a professional MMA fighter comes with its own set of hassles. Injuries in MMA are common, but there can also be many more horrific ones that could cut short a fighter’s career or even put their life at risk. All of these factors explain why many fighters choose to retire when they could have continued to fight. But, on the other hand, the MMA world has also seen fighters come out of retirement to fight again. ‘Georges St-Pierre’, ‘Randy Couture’ and ‘Brock Lesnar’ are all examples of fighters who broke their retirement plans to once again grace the Octagon.


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Plus, it’s still a “big money fight,” if the promoters can make a case for retired fighters stepping into the cage again. This time it’s the ‘legend that talks about trash’, ‘Chael Sonnen and “quarrelling with the boss,” Tito Ortiz, all of whom are set to break retirement and grace the MMA cage during the “Freedom Fight Night” promotion.


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The combined age of Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz is 92

Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz both had their time in the UFC. The duo had also met twice inside the UFC octagon. Their first meeting dates back to 1997, where Sonnen emerged victorious over Ortiz.

The duo locked horns for the second time in Bellator 170, with “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” getting their revenge and submitting Sonnen in the third minute of the fight. They were both in or nearing their forties at the time.

With ‘Freedom Fight Night’ clarifying their plans for the fight, the fighters’ combined age would be unbelievable’92’, with Ortiz being 47 and Sonnen being 45. Although the fight is only tentative, it should happen well.

Chael Sonnen and Tito Ortiz both have their own reputations

Chael Sonnen is widely regarded as one of the best talkers in the sport. His legendary call to Anderson Silva at UFC 136 can never be forgotten by MMA fans who like to talk trash. Sonnen’s brutal skills on the mic have gone a long way in making trash-talking an integral part of MMA.

Ortiz is also known for his feud with the boss, Dana White during his tenure with the company. Ortiz had multiple disagreements with Dana White on several questions, mainly during training for season 3 of “The Ultimate Fighter”. Their relationship hit such a sour note that Dana White reportedly agreed to a boxing match with Ortiz as well.


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Sonnen currently runs his own YouTube channel and talks about various fight game and UFC related issues. He was always in the fight; even after retiring from the UFC. Therefore, accepting a fight even at this age does not seem like a far-fetched task for him. But, Ortiz was elected mayor of his city in 2021, from which he resigned after 6 months. It would also be sale of his $4.8 million mansion due to a theft that “ransacked” it.

Do you think Ortiz enters the cage again just because he needs more money?


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