UFC News: Sean O’Malley and Paddy Pimblett crush their beef



Sean O’Malley and Paddy Pimblett are two of the UFC’s top prospects right now. The two have now apparently mashed up their longtime beef and are on good terms.

In a recent question-and-answer session, Paddy Pimblett was asked about his opinion of Sean O’Malley. “Baddy” praised “Sugar” for being an entertaining fighter and also revealed that he had a conversation with O’Malley on Twitch.

Pimblett said on YouTube:

“Do not worry [Sean] O’Malley. Like watching him fight. He’s an entertaining fighter and he entertains himself on the mic. We were just talking to him on Twitch before, that was pretty funny to be honest. “

Pimblett also added a clip where Sean O’Malley thanked him for a raid on Twitch. O’Malley praised ‘Baddy’ on his success while trying to emulate his British accent.

O’Malley said:

“Oh shit! Paddy the Baddy put me up. Paddy, I feel like we’re pals. So we’re not pals but we’re pals, you know what I mean. I’m enjoying with the dude from the raid. Congratulations on all your fucking successes. And I can’t wait to watch your next fight. Paddy, thank you man. Fuck thank you. Fuck thank you. Appreciate you for the raid. F ** * c ‘ is great.”

Watch Paddy Pimblett’s YouTube video below:

The feud between Paddy Pimblett and Sean O’Malley

Paddy Pimblett and Sean O’Malley have taken several hits over the past few months. The feud started when Pimblett called O’Malley “b ** ch a **” for blaming his 2020 loss to Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera for a leg injury.

While O’Malley was taken aback by Pimblett’s comments, he understood the motivation behind it. “Sugar” seemed to think the British fighter’s comments were mostly due to the fact that O’Malley is one of the biggest names in the UFC.

Sean O’Malley told Ariel Helwani about MMA time:

“I didn’t know him until the UFC started posting stuff about him, and obviously I don’t. So just a bunch of people telling me Paddy’s talking shit, so I’m not going to answer the question. So yes, I don’t know. I don’t know what his beef was with me. As ugly and stupid as he sounds, he’s pretty smart. He’s talking about the biggest name in the UFC. I am clearly one of the biggest draws. I’m the cash cow, and he knows it, so he has to use my name. He must say my name.

Watch Sean O’Malley’s appearance in The MMA Hour below:

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