UFC: Paulo Costa does an X-Rated version of Jake Paul’s “got your hat” with Chimaev’s cap


Rremember when Jacques-Paul pulled that “you’ve got your hat on” prank on Floyd Mayweather and the former champ lost his mind? Good, Paolo Costa tempt fate with Khamzat Chimaev after their brief but heated altercation last week. Prior to UFC 279, the two fighters had to be separated at APEX because a fight was about to come.

Costa is known to have had altercations with many fighters and he obviously wants to test star Chchen. Khamzat Chimaev has just come off an embarrassing week with a press conference he canceled and lost weight the next day. Paulo Costa’s reasons for teasing him are directly related to his competitive spirit within the middleweight division.

What happened was costa popped up on social media wearing a black cap that many fans immediately recognized. It was the same cap as Khamzat Chimaev wore in public, Costa managed to grab it. At first he started saying he would sell it online. However, Costa got X-Rated during a recent podcast episode of his show and rubbed the cork against his nether regions.

Essentially be pulled from an X-rated version of Jake Paul’s prank. No response from Khamzat yet but you can be sure he didn’t like what he saw. Many UFC fighters learn that Khamzat flares up easily at the slightest provocation. Although making him angry might not be the easiest thing to do.

Will Chimaev move up to the middleweight division?

One major lesson we all learned from Khamzat Chimaev’s last 48 hours is that he struggles to hit 170 pounds at welterweight. He’s a big guy and he might feel more comfortable at middleweight. The problem is that the division is filled with killers and led by Isreal Adesanya.

Before he has a chance to win this title, Chimaev must establish himself as a reliable contender. Fighting Costa at middleweight might be a good start, but Kevin Holland is next. We have to see what he does later on Saturday at UFC 279. How he responds to provocations is also important for Chimaev.

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