Ultimate Fighter 30 Results: Helen Peralta vs. Kaytlin Neil


Kaytlin Neil defeated first choice Julianna Peña and advanced in The Ultimate Fighter 30 flyweight tournament, and she did it with the heaviest heart.

In this week’s episode of TUF 30, Neil (5-4) beat BKFC veteran Helen Peralta (5-2)* by split decision in a fight that required a sudden victory third round to decide a winner. It was a particularly emotional contest for Neil, who was told his father had died shortly before the day of the fight.

Neil was shown earlier in the episode breaking down and crying before a practice session. She told trainer Amanda Nunes and his UFC strawweight wife Nina Nunes that she had just received the news that her father had died, the result of a lifelong struggle with addiction. Despite the difficult circumstances, Neil’s fight with Peralta went according to plan.

Peralta seemed to get the better of Neil in the first round, which saw the flyweights spend a lot of time fighting for position in the clinch. Team No. 1 pick Peña continually looked to land a heavy right hook, but struggled to advance on the bigger Neil.

Round 2 was also close which Neil probably took due to his activity. While Peralta was still waiting for an opening to land a one-shot punch, Neil was content to shoot from range. Neil’s wrestling advantage came into play with a last second takedown, but the maneuver resulted in no significant damage.

With the rounds split, the fighters moved on to a third and again neither Neil nor Peralta did much to assert themselves. Peralta continued to chase with his right hook, but Neil may have stolen the round with a late flurry. In the end, the decision was anything but clear, but it was decided that Neil had done enough to move on.

With the teams now tied at one win each, it was Nunes’ turn to pick the next fight and she selected Peña’s top heavyweight pick, Mohammed Usman (7-2) to face her heavyweight pick. No. 3 Mitchell Sipe (5-2). Sipe immediately begins with the trash talk, accusing Usman — the younger brother of UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman — of faking surgery to avoid a past booking between the two.

Here are the first round results so far:

Zac Pauga defeats. Nyle Bartling via unanimous decision

Kaytlin Neil defeats. Helen Peralta via split decision

On next week’s episode, Team Peña’s Mohammed Usman fights Team Nunes’ Mitchell Sipe in a heavyweight bout.

(*TUFF bouts are considered exhibitions and fighters’ professional records are not affected by show results)

Season 30 of The ultimate fighter is trained by UFC bantamweight champion Julianna Peña and UFC featherweight champion Amanda Nunes. The two are set to meet in a rematch on a date to be announced after the airing of TUF 30.

The finalists of TUF 30 The heavyweight and flyweight tournaments will battle it out for a six-figure UFC contract in a final event, the date of which is yet to be announced.

New episodes air at midnight every Monday exclusively on ESPN+.

here is TUF 30 list divided by team:

Team Nunes

Nyle Bartling
Chandler Cole
Eduardo Perez
Mitchell Sipe

Claire Guthrie
Kaytlin Neil
Catherine Paprocki
Brogan walker

Team Pena

Jordan Heiderman
Bobby Maxime
Zac Pauga
Mohammad Ousman

Chantel Coats
Hannah Guy
Julienne Miller
Helene Peralta

Move to round 2: Pauga, Neil

Eliminated: Bartling, Peralta

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