USA dominates Pan American U17 Freestyle Championships with nine champions; Seven win double titles

Christian Castillo (USA) with Golden Boot as Outstanding Wrestler at U17 Pan Americans in Freestyle. Photo courtesy of Kelli Shuffler.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — The United States successfully closed out the U17 Pan American Championships with a dominating performance in the men’s freestyle, winning nine gold medals and one silver medal and handily winning the team title on Sunday.

The American athletes had a remarkable 36-1 record for the day, and all wins were by bonus points, either a pin or a technical fall, with a forfeit.

The U17 Pan American Freestyle Individual Champions were
• Domenic Munaretto (Barrington, Ill.) at 45kg
• Christian Castillo (Glendale, Arizona) at 48kg
• Edwin Sierra (Yuma, Arizona) at 51kg
• Kael Lauridsen (Norfolk, Neb.) at 55kg
• Zan Fugitt (Clever, Missouri) at 60kg
• Joel Adams (Wahoo, Neb.) at 65kg
• Cole Han-Lindenmyer (Farmington, Minnesota) at 80kg
• Sawyer Bartelt (Coral Gables, Florida) at 92kg
• Koy Hopke (Amery, Wis.) at 110kg

KJ Evans (Edmond, Okla.) won a silver medal at 71 kg.

“I think we fought very hard overall and the team represented the United States well. There were lessons, not losses today, as these young men fought and avenged losses in Greco-Roman wrestling on Friday. There is still room for improvement for the future. It’s a pleasure to coach these young men and I can’t wait to see what they do next,” said coach Graylan Early.

Christian Castillo, the 48 kg champion, won the golden boot of the best wrestler of the U17 Men’s Pan American Freestyle Tournament.

The same 10 athletes also competed in Greco-Roman, and seven of them were able to return home as double champions, winners of both styles. The double champions were Munaretto, Castillo, Sierra, Fugitt, Adams, Bartelt and Hopke. The 10 team members won two medals.

The United States won the team title in all three disciplines: Greco-Roman, Women’s Freestyle and Men’s Freestyle. Combining the three tournaments, the United States won gold medals in 22 of the 30 weight classes and won one medal in each weight class.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 26

Men’s Freestyle Medalists

Gold – Domenic Munaretto (USA)
Silver – Oliver Contreras Chavez (Mexico)
Bronze – Wesley Heather (Canada)

48 kilograms
Gold – Christian Castillo (USA)
Silver – Alvin Tovar Romero (Venezuela)
Bronze – Pedro De Souza Rodrigues (Brazil)

51 kilograms
Gold – Edwin Sierra (USA)
Silver – Fabricio Rosero Quintero (Ecuador)
Bronze – Arnold Rivera Negron (Puerto Rico)

55 kilograms
Gold – Kael Lauridsen (USA)
Silver – Roger Dos Santos Ramalhete (Brazil)
Bronze – Derick Martinez Mateo (Puerto Rico)
Bronze – Abel Sanchez Juarez (Peru)

60 kilograms
Gold – Zan Fugitt (USA)
Silver – Jesue Vallareal Martinez (Mexico)
Bronze – Clisman Carracedo Veliz (Ecuador)
Bronze – Jacob Brunner (Puerto Rico)

Gold – Joel Adams (USA)
Silver – Nathan Rainville (Canada)
Bronze – Santiago Pinargote Sornoza (Ecuador)
Bronze – Diego Peraza Aguilar (Mexico)

71 kilograms
Gold – Dario Cubas Castillo (Peru)
Silver – KJ Evans (USA)
Bronze – Darfel Parada Camacaro (Venezuela)
Bronze – Tejvir Singh Dhinsa (Canada)

80 kilograms
Gold – Cole Han-Lindenmyer (USA)
Silver – Brian Ruiz Marin (Venezuela)
Bronze – Crishian Delgadillo (Argentina)

92 kilograms
Gold – Sawyer Bartelt (USA)
Silver – Diego Guillen Ruiz (Mexico)
Bronze – Santiago Abinet (Argentina)

110 kilograms
Gold – Koy Hopke (USA)
Silver – Kyle Santana Oliveira (Brazil)
Bronze – Luke Coffin (Canada)

Men’s freestyle performances in the United States

45 kg: Domenic Munaretto (Barrington, Illinois), gold medal
WIN Oliver Contreras Chavez (Mexico), technician. fall 11-0 1:14
WIN Wesley Heather (Canada), technician. fall 10-0, 0:35

48kg: Christian Castillo (Glendale, Ariz.). gold medal
WIN Jeremy Santiago Jimenez (Puerto Rico), technician. fall 11-0 1:23
WINS Brallan Taperia (Guatemala), Pin 1:02
WIN Alvin Tovar Romero (Venezuela), technician. fall 12-2 1:49
WIN Harikat Singh Dhillon (Canada), technician. fall 10-0 0:57
WIN Alvin Tovar Romero (Venezuela), technician. fall 13-0, 1:43

51 kg: Edwin Sierra (Yuma, Arizona), gold medal
WIN Facundo Saquiz (Argentina), technician. fall 10-0, 1:19
WIN Arnold Rivera Negron (Puerto Rico), technician. fall 10-0, 0:44
WIN Fabricio Rosero Quintero (Ecuador), technician. fall 10-0 2:38
WIN Micah Calapiz (Canada), technician. fall 10-0, 1:02

55 kg: Kael Lauridsen (Norfolk, Neb.), gold medal
WIN Eidans Navarro Retamales (Chile), tech. fall 12-1, 0:55
WIN Abel Sanchez Juarez (Peru), technician. fall 10-0 1:39
VICTORY Roger Dos Santos Ramalhete (Brazil), technician. fall 12-0, 0:42

60 kg: Zan Fugitt (Clever, Mo.), gold medal
WIN Jacob Brunner (Puerto Rico), technician. fall 12-0, 2:25
WINS Arnoldo Proboste (Argentina), Pin 1:17
WIN Jesue Vallareal Martinez (Mexico), technician. fall 10-0 0:40

65 kg: Joel Adams (Wahoo, Neb.), gold medal
WINS Santiago Pinargote Sornoza (Ecuador), Pin 0:21
WIN Johan Sanchez Paz (Bolivia), technician. fall 10-0, 0:57
WIN Aymar Janampa Cueva (Peru), technician. fall 12-0, 1:24
VICTORY Nathan Rainville (Canada), technician. fall 11-0 2:51

71 kg: KJ Evans (Edmond, Okla.), silver medal
WINS Maximo Cabrera (Argentina), Pin 0:29
VICTORY Darfel Parada Camacaro (Venezuela), technician. fall 13-2 1:09
LOSS Dario Cubas Castillo (Peru), pin 0:58

80 kg: Cole Han-Lindenmyer (Farmington, Minnesota), gold medal
WINS Lucas Barbosa Gomes (Brazil), technician. fall 10-0 0:22
WINS Arjun Singh Nagra (Canada), Forfeit
WIN Rommel Murillo Yuen (Mexico), pin 0:24
WIN Crishian Delgadillo (Argentina), technical fall 10-0, 0:45
VICTORY Brian Ruiz Marin (Venezuela), technician. fall 10-0, 1:04

92 kg: Sawyer Bartelt (Coral Gables, Florida), gold medal
VICTORY José Martinez Garces (Venezuela), technician. fall 10-0 0:28
WIN Jagroop Singh Dhinsa (Canada), technician. fall 10-0 0:26
WIN Diego Guillen Ruiz (Mexico), technician. fall 12-2 2:28
WINS Santiago Abinet (Argentina), Pin 0:43

110 kg: Koy Hopke (Amery, Wis.), gold medal
WIN Kyle Santana Oliveira (Brazil), technician. fall 10-0 0:43
WIN Jose Navarro Nolasco (Mexico), technical fall 10-0 0:19
WINS Ibrack Angulo Castillo (Ecuador), pin 0:42
WIN Kyle Santana Oliveira (Brazil), pin

Men’s Freestyle Team Ranking
1. United States, 245
2. Canada, 117
3. Mexico, 106
4. Argentina, 90
5. Brazil, 73
6. Venezuela, 71
7. Ecuador, 70
8. Puerto Rico, 67
9. Peru, 60
10. Chile, 16
11. Guatemala, 13
12. Barbados, 9
13. Bolivia, 2

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