‘Usman’s feet were spasming’: Drawn parallels between horrific injury of Tua Tagovailoa and Kamaru Usman, Ben Askren, Alistair Overeem KO convinced fans MMA isn’t the most dangerous sport


When it comes to devastating knockouts, few sports can boast the effectiveness of MMA. Contact sports like boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, and karate all leave room for knockouts, but MMA combines them all. People are stunned while standing, lying on the ground, melee, or even shooting for a takedown. The unpredictability of a savage knockout that comes at the most unexpected moment is part of what makes mixed martial arts such an exhilarating sport to watch.


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MMA fans love crazy ending fights. They are always on the lookout for entertaining fights to watch and compare. In a recent post, MMA fans on Reddit compared an NFL quarterback’s tackle to a knocked out fighter.


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MMA fans compare NFL QB’s concussion to a knockout

NFL Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa recently suffered a concussion during his game against the Cincinnati Bengals. In a photo of the concussed Tagovailoa, you could see his fingers on his left hand spasming. MMA fans on a UFC subreddit compared the reaction of the quarterback in the photo to that of a fighter after being knocked out. Fans mentioned the viral knockouts of Kamaru Usman, Ben Askren and Alistair Overeem.

The caption said- “Have we ever seen a knockout where the fighter’s fingers do something similar to what Tua did last night?Responding to the post, multiple listed MMA knockouts where a fighter reacted similarly.

A fan said, “It’s mostly the toes that do this, Usman’s feet were spasming, same with the reem when Francis killed him.” “Askren’s feet too,” added another fan. “Or Blaydes after being knocked out by Lewis,” mentioned another fan, adding to the list.


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In a very valid response regarding fighter safety in MMA, one redditor commented:

“That’s a very valid point and why football and boxing and even hockey to some extent can lead to CTE more than MMA. But at the same time, some fighters get knocked out multiple times in one night. in MMA. It reminds me of that video of Johnny Walker where he got knocked out 4 times.

Another fan said: “And don’t like mma sh*t talkers finding out that rugby and soccer have much worse cases of CTE and brain damage when it comes to players, long-term and short-term. I’d much rather get punched in the face than be run over by a man in full gear any day of the week.


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NFL vs MMA: Which sport is the most dangerous?

Fans have always compared and contrasted the safety of athletes in the NFL, MMA, and other sports. According to an article in Bleacher Report, there is no discernable way to say that one sport is more dangerous than another. Understanding a concussion is a complex process, and the extent of each injury varies from injury to injury.

The article describes how both sports have developed to improve athlete safety. Fighters have reduced hard training sessions and improved their techniques to deal more damage without receiving much. They also stopped taking unnecessary risks. According to UFC fighter Ovince Saint-Preux, who played college football, “Rule changes work because every time you reduce contact, it helps.“He also added that you have more free time in MMA than in football.


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So it’s food for thought the next time you see a Francis Ngannou KO What do you think about athlete safety in MMA and NFL? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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