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Dan Hardy and Dana White haven’t been too close since the Englishman left the UFC media team. Removed as commenter by cfu in 2021, Hardy is still covering MMA for BT Sport. Recently. “The Outlaw” spoke openly about the UFC’s method of tarnishing the reputations of former employees.

The feud between White and ‘The Outlaw’ resurfaced after the UFC president claimed the Englishman was fired for “abuse a womanwho worked for the organization.

Hardy, of course, was unhappy with the comments and took to Twitter after hearing what White had said about his release from the organization’s media team.

‘The Outlaw’ also addressed White’s comments on his official YouTube channel during a live stream after UFC 280. Dan Hardy claimed the UFC used to try to tarnish the reputation of former employees to hurt their careers:

“You will be damaged as much as possible, so you will not move on.”

The veteran welcomes The Dan Hardy Show and offers regular analysis of upcoming UFC events.

Watch Hardy talk about leaving the UFC here (1:20:00):

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What is Dan Hardy’s professional record in MMA and who was the first fighter to break it?

Dan Hardy is best known for his four year stint in the UFC. However, the vast majority of his fights have taken place outside of the organization. Hardy retired from the sport in 2012 and finished with a professional record of 25 wins, 10 losses and one no contest.

“The Outlaw” lost in his first professional MMA outing when he faced Lee Doski in Extreme Brawl 7 in 2004. Hardy was submitted after two rounds of fighting. He managed to avenge the loss in 2005 after defeating Doski at FC UK 1 – Fight Club UK 1.

Watch Hardy vs. Rory Markham (2009) fight highlights:

Hardy had better luck on his UFC debut, managing to get the better of Akihiro Gono by split decision at UFC 89: Bisping vs. Leben in 2008. The Englishman continued that good form and went 4 -0 in the UFC before finally tasting defeat against the legendary Georges St. Pierre in 2010.

Despite his illustrious adversary, Hardy claimed fighting ‘GSP’ only got him $24,000. A fraction of the sum remained with him after he finished paying his coaches and his taxes.

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