When Bruce Buffer Claimed Conor McGregor Could Easily Beat ‘Aquaman’ Actor Jason Momoa In An MMA Fight


In a 2016 interview with TMZ Sports, Bruce Buffer says Aquaman actor Jason Momoa would be no match for a 145-pound Conor McGregor. Responding to a question about how Momoa would fare in MMA, the legendary ring announcer said:

“Well, muscles don’t win fights. I’ll put one hundred and thirty-five pounds or one hundred and forty-five pounds like Conor McGregor on him and it’ll be a whole new world for him because he’s not a fighter. “

The UFC ring announcer explained that Momoa’s tall stature wouldn’t matter against a professional fighter. Buffer said seasoned fighters could easily subdue the actor. He further explained that it is not brawn but fighting skills, heart and brain that win fights.

Buffer, however, admitted that Momoa had a very athletic build and could do well in mixed martial arts with the proper training. The UFC legend said Momoa would need at least two years of MMA training if he was to compete:

“He looks like the type of guy who is probably a really tough dude and I would venture to guess that with the proper training Jason could fight MMA…if he came away fresh even with the athletic ability he has. .. I would say give it two years, even think about competing at C or D level.”

Watch the full interview with Bruce Buffer below:

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Bruce Buffer criticizes Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather for their lack of class

In a 2020 interview with Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding, Bruce Buffer said he was unhappy with the McGregor-Mayweather press conferences. The ring announcer criticized the fighters for using too many swear words:

“I thought the press conferences were the way they had them, putting Mayweather and Conor on stage for ten or fifteen minutes to say whatever they could say. They’re not entertainers in the respect of stand-up comedians. up…I didn’t’ I don’t like the way they both acted…I wasn’t totally happy with how the press conference went, with the bombs f and f you and f-that.”

Buffer said he was a classy man and would much rather promote an event without constant swearing. Buffer further explained that he was particularly troubled by the impact of the event on young children.

The UFC ring announcer says his two sons are big fans of Conor McGregor and are very upset to see “The Notorious” constantly dropping F-bombs on stage.

Watch Bruce Buffer talk about Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather below:

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