When Dana White explained his fighter pay incentive structure at Stanford University


Dana White has received a ton of criticism over the years about the UFC fighter payout structure. White, however, didn’t budge an inch. His philosophy regarding fighter compensation in the UFC hasn’t changed in over a decade and his 2013 Stanford University lecture is proof of that.

According to the UFC president, instead of paying unreasonably high sums to fighters, it is better to encourage them to continue to crave performance. White said if fighters were paid millions of dollars for every fight, they wouldn’t fight anymore.

Instead, the MMA pioneer opted to give fighters certain bonus rewards on top of their fixed fight paychecks. This encourages them to perform better, entertain the fans, and help the business grow. This is how the idea for additional bonuses such as “Fight of the Night”, “Performance of the Night” and “Knockout/Submission of the Night” was born, explained White.

During the conference he said:

“You know what happens when you get $37 million if you’re a fighter, [you say] “I don’t wanna get punched in the face, I got 37 million bucks man”… We inspire guys to fight. You’re gonna get cash for showing, and you get cash for winning, and then you get cash for best fight of the night, you get cash for best knockout, money for the best submission. You are motivated like any other business in the world. Show up at work and spend half a day to see how it goes.”

Dana White’s philosophy on UFC fighter compensation hasn’t changed in a decade. This clip is from his 2013 lecture at Stanford University. Have it. https://t.co/IuYQatHs9n

Jake Paul and Dana White disagree over UFC fighter pay structure

Jacques-Paul has been a longtime critic of the incentive structure of fighter compensation in the UFC. He has often criticized Dana White for allegedly underpaying fighters and continues to demand a better compensation structure for athletes signed up for the promotion.

Francis Ngannou has recently said he is unwilling to compete for the salary he receives under his current contract with the promotion. Paul was quick to jump in and ask White to “give this man what he wants.” He also teased a big announcement regarding the same down the line.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer tweeted:

“Give this man what he wants, Dana. Such company to be apart…I have something coming soon…”

Following the latest price spike in UFC pay-per-views, Paul once again took to Twitter to attack White. He tweeted:

“The best year we’ve ever had,” said White. “Sponsorship is through the roof. Social media, our pay-per-view numbers, our TV numbers, arena records. This business is on fire. Also Dana White: We’re raising pay-per-view prices again and saying FU to fans and fighters.”

“The best year we’ve ever had,” said White. “Sponsorship is through the roof. Social media, our PPV numbers, our TV numbers, arena records. This business is on fire. »Also Dana White: We are raising PPV prices again and saying FU to fans and fighters reviewjournal.com/sports/mma-ufc…

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