When YouTuber Played Crazy Purge-Style Clown Prank On MMA Fighter And Got Knocked Out



Things went horribly wrong for a British prankster when he played one of his tricks on a supposed MMA fighter.

British Taekwondo Championship gold medalist Alexander Rai found himself in a chilling situation when a group of men tried to pull a Purge-style clown prank on him. One of his buddies tricked him into asking him to meet somewhere.

When Rai arrived on the scene, his friend was nowhere to be found. Instead, he was greeted by a group of men wearing clown masks and hoodies. Carrying weapons, the group began to approach Rai ominously.

A band member named Syed approached Rai and pushed him. At that moment, Rai’s defensive instincts took over as he unhesitatingly threw a spinning wheel kick, knocking Syed out cold.

You can watch the video below:

Shortly after the incident, the band revealed that it was just a prank. It seems, however, that the joke was on the band as their plans clearly backfired.

Besides being a decorated taekwondo Jin, the title of the video suggests that Rai is also an MMA fighter. However, there is no record of him practicing MMA or participating in the sport.

A famous MMA fighter falls into a hilarious prank

Pranks seem to be a surprisingly big part of MMA culture. UFC’s hit reality show The ultimate fighterfor his part, has seen his fair share of memorable pranks throughout his 17-year run.

However, one of MMA’s most hilarious pranks happened to none other than UFC welterweight superstar Jorge Masvidal. Fellow UFC fighter Chase Hooper, who vaguely resembles Ben Askren, posed as a reporter and interviewed “Gamebred.”

Masvidal didn’t seem to recognize Hooper during the interview. The first question Hooper asked was, “Why did you do that to my dad?” Thinking he is really being interviewed by his rival’s son, the welterweight superstar quickly apologized.

Watch the full clip below:

Masvidal, of course, had one of the most memorable UFC knockouts against Askren in 2019. It took only five seconds for Masvidal – the fastest in promotional history – to land a flying knee on Askren and put him to sleep.

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