Who said video games were useless? A UFC fighter learned English from Call of Duty


Learning English in Brazil can be a difficult task. Not everyone has the financial means to afford classes or even access to the internet where unorthodox learning methods can be found.

Brazilian UFC fighter Renato Moicano currently lives abroad to train and compete in the most prestigious MMA competition circuit in the world and is just beginning to show his personality before and after fights, and giving international press interviews in English, all thanks to the game Call of Duty.

Moicano told reporter Ariel Helwani on ‘MMA Hour’ that he had tried to learn English at the gym in the United States with the help of other fighters over the past few years, but due of Moicano’s practice with so many Brazilians, that wasn’t helping too much. It was then that video games, in particular Codcame in for him.

“I started playing games like Call of Duty and all that,” Moicano said. “I started talking with people about games and started getting better at [speaking] English. I don’t know if it’s better, but I’m getting used to it [speaking English]. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s getting better.

Although video games have evolved so much over the past year and scientists have dismissed the myth that they incite gamers to become violent, they are still often labeled as unnecessary, especially for teenagers and children. Moicano’s experience with Cod shows that games can be valuable and help in other aspects of your life.

In the comments section of the podcast episode, many UFC fans praised Moicano’s English skills and his ability to entertain people.

Moicano is currently ranked 13th in the UFC lightweight rankings after defeating Ridell on Nov. 13. The Brazilian has won nine fights and lost five since he started fighting in the UFC in December 2014.

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