Why ONE Championship’s Unique Weigh-in Policy is a game-changer



  • ONE Championship Hydration Tests Make Sense To Solve Weight Loss Problem
  • UFC bantamweight weigh-in Aspen Ledd put the issue back in the spotlight
  • MMA personality Joe Rogan has called for an outright ban on the practice in the past

Weight reduction has been a major issue for combat sports, but ONE Championship’s unique weigh-in policy may be the answer to keeping athletes safe.

“We don’t use the term weight reduction because there is no cut,” Rich Franklin, ONE Championship vice president told MMAMania.com in 2017.

“The only way we can make sure that they will really compete with the weight they are walking at is to test their hydration. We use an instrument to test the specific gravity of their urine, which tests the amount of solutes in their urine. Obviously, more [solutes] you have, the more dehydrated you are.

The dangers of weight loss played a major role in the decision of the Asian class to take this route.

In December 2015, flyweight fighter Yang Jian Bing tragically passed away due to complications from weight loss.

Last weekend, UFC bantamweight Aspen Ladd was barely able to stand during his weigh-in, which led to his fight with Macy Chiasson being called off despite his weight.

MMA personality and UFC commentator Joe Rogan has never been a big fan of the process, even calling for its outright ban in June.

It wouldn’t be the first time Rogan has argued for its abolition as he argues against weight reduction in a 2019 episode of his podcast, among many other cases.

With the policy, ONE Championship athletes will be asked to compete at their “walking weight” instead of following a weight loss diet focused on water weight loss.

To enforce the policy, Franklin said the promotion was ripe for any results.

“We can negotiate a relay weight. We have parameters for this. They must be at least 105% of their opponent’s weight [by fight night]He told MMAMania in the same 2017 interview.

ONE Championship’s unique policy reduces the chances of a fight being called off due to a fighter who is not weighing.

Weight reduction has always been an important part of the sport of mixed martial arts, but the Singapore-based promotion may have found a better solution to a long-standing problem.


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