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Lori Ayres is launching a new video podcast on FloWrestling titled “Everything Women’s Wrestling”. Ayres is the co-founder of Division I Women’s Wrestling, an organization that strives to educate, grow, and support women who want to wrestle at the Division I level.

The show covers a variety of topics within women’s wrestling with the aim of developing the sport at all levels. The inaugural episode fell on FloWrestling. Her first guest is Jacque Davis – the former director of women’s wrestling for Beat the Streets and a trainer for 17 international wrestling tours.

“Women’s wrestling needs a more focused conversation and I’m grateful to FloWrestling for stepping up their efforts to provide a platform,” said Ayres. “The Everything Women’s Wrestling podcast will host discussions with thought leaders on topics such as media coverage, emerging sporting status, Title IX, regional training centers, junior national championships, college opportunities and much more. Moreover.

“Honestly, the topics seem endless and I can’t wait to start the conversation. It will be a great partnership. The show is for women AND men. In order for our wrestling ecosystem to grow as much as possible, we must work together. “

A job opportunity

There is a vacancy at USA Wrestling now that Clarissa Chun has accepted the position of Head Coach for Women in Iowa. Her previous position as USA Wrestling Women’s National Team Assistant Coach will be vacant when Chun moves to Iowa City early next year.

Current women’s national team coach Terry Steiner has said he likely won’t take the job until April, as potential candidates could be in the middle of a varsity or high school season. It’s like having someone up at the US Open in Las Vegas.

“It’s an important position,” Steiner said. “They have to wear a lot of hats. It will not be easy to complete. Clarissa was excellent at what she did. We’ll find someone who will step in and brief them. We need coaches in these elite positions. Iowa was the first and hopefully there will be 50 more. I hope that all our great schools will join us. Hope this is a problem we often face.

“We’re kind of halfway here before the next Olympics. We don’t have a lot of time for some of these athletes and they want someone who can come in and have an impact and help them along their journey right away. They are going to have to build confidence and the only way to build that confidence is an ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally.

Olympic cycle

The next international season 2022 could be a little different as there have been two world level championships staged in 2021. Our six member Olympic team and our 10 member world team were part of a historic medal harvest for the American team.

As a reminder, here is what each team looked like.

202An Olympic team

50 kg: Sarah Hildebrandt, bronze

53 kg: Jacarra Winchester

57 kg: Hélène Maroulis, gold

62 kg: Kayla Miracle, silver

68 kg: Tamyra Mensah-Stock, gold

76 kg: Adeline Gray, silver

World Team 2021

50 kg: Sarah Hildebrandt, silver

53 kg: Amy Fearnside

55 kg: Jenna Burkert, bronze

57 kg: Hélène Maroulis, gold

59 kg: Maya Nelson

62 kg: Kayla Miracle, bronze

65 kg: Forrest Molinari, bronze

68 kg: Tamyra Mensah-Stock, bronze

72 kg: Kylie Welker

76 kg: Adeline Gray, gold

Several team members have indicated that they will be competing in Paris 2024, but we will be keeping an eye on the above World and Olympic teams that will compete in the 2022 freestyle season.

Historical perspective

Of the six Olympians above, four competed at the 2013 WCWA Championships – and only one won a title.

Jacarra Winchester (Missouri Valley) took second place at 116 pounds behind Joey Miller of Oklahoma City.

Sarah Hildebrandt (King) took second place at 123 pounds ahead of teammate Kat Perez.

Tamyra Mensah-Stock (Wayland Baptist) struggled for third place at 143 pounds after being pinned down by Simon Fraser’s Bailey Halverson in her opener.

Simon Fraser’s Helen Maroulis won the 130-pound title with a final victory over Shauna Isbell of Lindenwood.

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