WWE Hall of Famer on his idea behind John Cena’s rap persona


WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi recently shared how he pushed John Cena’s freestyle rapping and overall personality early in his career.

When Cena started his career with the company, he was often spotted freestyling his opponents while donning a cap, chain, and padlock around his neck. It has now been revealed that Cena helped put together the iconic look, and Rikishi had a big part in it.

In a recent edition of Sunday DhamalRikishi explained how he and Yokozuna were the ones who added the iconic chains, basketball jersey, cap and padlock to the 16-time world champion’s look:

“We took John to the magical place we call the area behind the TV where they make all this TV stuff. We went through the wardrobe part, we opened the closet, we found a basketball jersey We opened the drawer, we We found a chain We opened another door We search for some gold, bring the padlock then put the padlock on it, he had his jeans on I said, “Dude , there’s your look right there. It’s you here. You just go with jeans, and then there you go, the rest is history. ” (3:34 – 4:07)



Check out the full interaction below:

Rikishi helped push John Cena’s freestyle rap into his gimmick

On the same edition of Dhamal Sunday, Rikishi talked about his time touring on the bus with WWE legends Yokozuna and John Cena. He stated that they often listen to hip-hop music and freestyle rap, and he noticed Cena listening to music through headphones along with a pen and a notepad.



Rikishi added that after hearing the Cenation Leader’s freestyle rapping, he took him to show off his skills to Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, all of whom were immediately taken with his talent:

“Mr. McMahon’s door is open with Stephanie, they’re all there. And we had John Cena, we walked in with John Cena and said, ‘hey, you have to go, let’s go so Vince can hear you rap.’ We walked in there and then I said ‘John, rap about Vince and Stephanie and Hunter.’ I think Hunter and somebody else were in there. And then you know, Vince looked at us like you were wasting my time. Like, no, you have to hear that. So John came in there. right next to the dome. Boom, John hit that freestyle rap, put Vince and Stephanie’s name in there, they were blown away.” (2:36 – 3:14)



WWE is celebrating John Cena’s 20-year career this month. Although he’s made sporadic appearances in the company for the past two years due to his Hollywood obligations, Cena appears to have his sights set on a feud with the current United States Champion Theory in the near future.

It would be interesting to see a clash between the two superstars for a championship that John Cena made popular during his tenure in WWE.

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