WWE Legend Kurt Angle reveals unique request he made when Dana White offered UFC contract


Throughout his career, WWE Hall of Fame member Kurt Angle has won various titles and awards in the sport of professional wrestling. However, what if ‘The Wrestling Machine’ never returned to wrestling after leaving WWE? Well, that’s not hypothetical as Dana White contacted him about a UFC run.


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After leaving WWE, Angle worked his magic in TNA (Total Nonstop Action) now known as IMPACT Wrestling. Angle even made his way into mainstream Japanese matches before eventually returning to WWE in an authoritative figure.

However, several athletes have made the switch from mixed martial arts to professional wrestling or vice versa and Angle could have been one of them.


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On the last episode of ‘The Kurt Angle Show’, Kurt Angle confessed that he was considering switching from pro wrestling to MMA after leaving WWE in 2006.

Kurt Angle admits Dana White offered him a UFC contract after WWE left

During his podcast, Angle revealed that UFC President Dana White contacted him after his WWE release. Angle added that he even trained for his potential career in the UFC. The wrestling legend revealed he started training at the Pittsburgh Fight Club when he left WWE.

He said,Even when I signed with TNA, I was still doing the training. I wanted to deepen my knowledge and keep my options open to have a big MMA fight on the road.

“I started training Jiu-Jitsu, standing up fighting, boxing, learning all the trades so that I could be well versed and well prepared if I ever fight.” However, the “Olympic hero” was never able to show off his skills inside the octagon.

GLENDALE, AZ – JUNE 12: Dana White meets the press after UFC 263 on June 12, 2021, at Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ. (Photo by Louis Grasse / PxImages / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

He also detailed the conversation between him and White. Kurt Angle confessed that the UFC made him a pretty good offer to come and punch the Octagon.

Angle wanted to fight as well as to fight


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Shared angle, “When the UFC offered me a deal when I left WWE, it was a really good deal. But I told Dana that I also had to fight and he said, “There’s no way you can fight and fight.”

He continued, “He’s right, it was a stupid idea I had in mind to think I could do both. I wouldn’t have survived for very long doing both, but this is what I wanted and Dana wouldn’t allow me, so I had to decline her offer.

In the world of “What ifs,” it seems like an intriguing idea to watch Angle step inside the cage. However, it seems that all turned out for the best because of his injuries.


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While we didn’t see Kurt Angle tear him apart inside the UFC Octagon, he did live out his dream of becoming an MMA fighter in Reel Life. Angle appeared in the 2011 Hollywood film titled “Warrior”. In the movie, Angle gave us a glimpse of how awesome he would have been inside the Octagon.

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