“You can’t ban all kicks”


Valentina Shevchenko gave her opinion on the debate on whether or not to ban oblique kicks in MMA. Shevchenko suggested that while oblique knee kicks are dangerous, they should not be banned.

The reigning UFC flyweight champion has indicated that banning all kicking in the sport of MMA is not the logical thing to do.

The kick became a topic of discussion after a horrific leg injury was caused by an oblique kick during light heavyweight Khalil Rountree’s fight against Modestas Bukauskas. During the UFC Vegas 36 fight, Rountree landed an oblique kick to Bukauskas’ left leg and won by TKO in the second round after Bukauskas was injured.

Speaking to James Lynch ahead of his next title defense at UFC 266, Valentina Shevchenko addressed the Rountree-Bukauskas incident. When asked for his take on the same, Shevchenko said:

“In the knee, it’s a very dangerous kick. It’s, yeah, it’s kind of like a really bad kick because it’s an injury. You have a very bad injury from that kick ”. Shevchenko added that you have to be prepared to defend yourself against the kick: “At the same time, you just have to be prepared. You just have to prepare yourself. You can’t ban all kicking, can you? You cannot ban everything. Yeah, it’s kind of like, it’s mixed martial arts. It’s kind of like, authorized.

“And probably, you know, it’s kind of like it’s not a straight knee kick. It was a thigh kick, like, a little higher than the knee. But then the kick just like, slides down a little bit, and that’s why it happened the way it did. But yeah definitely I think most fighters just have to think about it like it could happen. And then it starts out just like, practice making it ready for it to happen. “

Watch the interview with Valentina Shevchenko below:

Valentina Shevchenko set to defend her title at UFC 266

Valentina Chevtchenko (left);  Lauren Murphy (right)
Valentina Chevtchenko (left); Lauren Murphy (right)

UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko will defend her title against challenger Lauren Murphy at UFC 266. The fight against Murphy is seen as another important clash for Shevchenko as she looks to continue her reign of domination.

The UFC 266 fight card will be featured by a men’s featherweight title clash between defending champion Alexander Volkanovski and challenger Brian Ortega. The card also features the return of MMA icon Nick Diaz against fellow UFC legend Robbie Lawler.

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